More Rocket Results

This modpack core-mod edits recipes of higher tier items to require rocket launches to craft. Original code and concepts based on OffWorldShippingCo and others. (currently only edits modules and sets up the silo to be used for generating deliveries to player at a later time)

5 years ago
5 years ago
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0.1.2 (5 years ago)
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Recipes for mid-to-late game materials now can rely heavily on (and crafted in) the rocket silo. Packages currently match those of OffWorldShippingCo, much of the code came from that mod. But for every shipment, packages return different types of coins either directly to the player, or through the silo's inventory. Platinum cannot be crafted, and is only gained by completing deliveries, and is required for the highest tier items. Lower tier coins can be minted from raw resources (will likely require technology later, mod is very much in the early stage right now), but their usefulness is currently nil' . More plans for copper,brass,silver,gold,tungsten,cobalt,titanium, and platinum coins in the future.

Essentially, this mod sets up the rocket silo up as a special type of assembler. Only a few items are returned at the moment (just coins), but in the future, some actual crafting will be done by generating a package, shipping it off in a rocket with an order form, and receiving a delivery 8-12 years later. jk

More Rocket Results is based heavily on OffWorldShippingCo, Trade Empire, AllAboutMoney, and a few other mods.
This is an initial alpha release for testing and to receive ideas for recipe modifications. Currently, this mod requires and alters a few mod recipe items within bob's mods.

Alpha release : no stability issues detected during initial testing, but mod is still in early development.

If anyone experienced in lua could give input on a method to place an entity in world and populate it's inventory with items using event scripts within control.lua, please contact me.I'd like to be able to add "dropship deliveries" to this mod.


1) check performance issue. early game cpu time usage is way above what it should be. working hypothesis: adding a bunch of items to silo "watch" list is causes a 45% jump in lag (game fps dropping frequently to 30fps or lower). no other mod has attempted to do this so it may be something else, but untilt this annoying issue is resolved, other work within mod will halt.

Still missing some graphical work. need to make more packages, set up crafting category and item grouping, etc.
List of items to add either directly to silo-crafting list or to require platinum-coin purchase:
new science "Merchant Pack / The science of trade" - possible method of locking item crafting behind shipment order completion that may not make sense to lock behind the quantity of coins. Still firm on idea that the most advanced items should cost the platinum coins this mod adds. would require technology overhauls in addition to planned-recipe overhauls.
MK3+> (anything of MK3 or higher, including military tech, armor, modules are already done...., and whatever else i can think of)