Luzivras WaterPower

This mod Gives You a bunch of new Fatures Like Less Colisions, New Loaders and much more
2 years ago
Owner: YouTube_Luzivras
Source: N/A
Homepage: N/A
License: GNU GPLv3
Created: 2 years ago
Latest Version: 1.0.4 (2 years ago)
Factorio version: 0.14
Downloaded: 720 times

Warning this mod has been moved to my newer mod:

0.14 Luzivras_Factorio_Overhaul_1.0.5 by YouTube_Luzivras aka PlatinumEragong

My name is Luzivras, and I present to you my second little mod which gonna overhaul nearly all factorio ingame content.
This mod is still in WIP so im gonna put more and more features in it over time.

make factorio great again! :D

- walk by/walk trough your factory features in patch 1.0.1#
- walk tough water pip#
- no polution electic miner#
- tiny tree collision and 1 hp on trees
- loaders and unloaders
- no pollution burner and electic mining drills
- no pollution stone, iron and steel furnaces
- Solar Panels MK 1-8

- new burners
- new inserters
- more watererpipes diffrent kind with a higher flowrate
- better offshore pumps
- better oil pumps
- no polution mining drills recipes
- ores processing
- eletric poles
- beacons
- eventualy more?
- secret artifacts?

V 1.0.5 - Added: from my old mod PlatinumEragongs Solar Power
- Mk 1-8 Solar Panels
- Mod Name Change from Luzivras_WaterPower to Luzivras_Factorio_Overhaul
V 1.0.4 - Added:
- Burnable Artifacts
- CokeCoal
- CharCoal
V 1.0.3 - Added:
- no pollution stone, iron and steel furnaces
- no pollution burner and electic mining drills
- tiny tree collision and hp
- loaders and unloaders
V 1.0.2 - Added the No Polution Electic Mining Drill IMPORTANT: many pipes from my mod has ben renamed so you have to recraft and set them to the old position- note its a wip mod
V 1.0.1 - Added Base Game Integration for reduzed hitbox reduzin for:
- Solar Panels
- Accumulators
- Steam Engines
- Pipes
- Chests
- Chemical Plants
- Oil Refineries
- Combinators
- Boilers
- Substations
- Mining Drills
- Pumpjacks
- Small Pumps
- Radar
- Fluid Storage Tanks.
V 1.0.0 - You can craft pipes and pipes to ground that has a tiny hitbox so you can walk trough it easly.