Luzivras Factorio Overhaul

Less Colisions, New Loaders, Drills, Steam Engines, Boilers and much more

3 years ago
0.14 - 0.15
3 years ago
Latest Version:
1.3.9 (3 years ago)
Factorio version:
0.14 - 0.15
4465 times

0.15 Luzivras_Factorio_Overhaul_1.3.9 by YouTube_Luzivras aka PlatinumEragong

My name is Luzivras, and I present to you my second little mod which gonna overhaul nearly all factorio ingame content.
This mod is still a WIP so I'm gonna put more and more features in it over time. I'm a german writer who has not much coding knowlage but i do what i can!

make factorio great again! :D

- loaders and unloaders
- belt funaces for a smelting a entire belt worth of smeltable, thats what you can use the loades for.
- no pollution electric miner
- tiny tree collision 1 hp on trees and fast mining/ fast tree cutting/fast wood cutting
- no pollution burner and electric mining drills
- no pollution stone, iron and steel furnaces
- no pollution burner MK-1
- coal instead of oil and coke coal to oil processing
- bigger stacks

- no pollution mining drills MK-3-8
- new inserters
- more watererpipes different kind and with a higher flowrate
- better offshore pumps?
- better oil pumps
- ores processing
- beacons
- eventually more?

Commands to use if you start a new game and ive made a recipe change that you should have too, but don't have cause you:
1: have to restart your game from 0 or
2: type in chat: /c game.player.force.reset_recipes()

Factorio 0.15.18 version - Changelog:
V 1.3.9 - file sorting preparing for reconfugurations and using config.lua in future so late you can configurate what you want and dont want in you pack.
V 1.3.8 - Solar Panels has been moved to Luzivras_Factorio_Power
V 1.3.7 - Allow production and Alien Blood God Modules to be in Beacons
V 1.3.6 - Added near inserters: np burner , normal yellow and fast near inserters
Factorio 0.15.16 version - Changelog:
V 1.3.5 - Added no pollution Assmbing maschines 1- 3
V 1.3.4 - groups managemagment first setup
V 1.3.3 - some minor stacksize changes.
- added accumulator mk 3
- changed oil related prozessions and adjust the value to the vanila one.
V 1.3.2 - added higher stacks fore uranium ore and iron power pole, some bugfixes
V 1.3.1 - removed iron-walkover-pipes
- added steam engines mk 2 and changed the value for mk 1
V 1.3.0 - added the accumulator mk 2, start changing filesystem
V 1.2.9 - added more productivity module acception for recipes
- cleaned up some of the scripts
V 1.2.8 - added more productivity module acception for recipes
V 1.2.7 - added research needed for solar pannels
V 1.2.6 - you can mine the tree-stumps now!
V 1.2.5 - reduced file size from 5> MB to >1,3MB
V 1.2.4 - Allowing use of productivity modules for modules
V 1.2.3 - Changed the Coke Coal recipe to made in Assembly maschines 2 needing Steam
V 1.2.2 - New Iron Electric Pole (cost much but its better then these wooden one)
V 1.2.1 - Bugfixes for Factorio 0.15.10
V 1.2.0 - Added
- Creates and Storage Chests
V 1.1.9 - Added
- no pollution mining drills mk 2
V 1.1.8 - Added
- Steam Engines mk 1
- endless mining range
V 1.1.7 - backuped old textures do to grafik bugs
V 1.1.6 - graphics update:
- boiler
- charcoal
- iron-walkover-pipes
V 1.1.5 - re enabled burnable artifacts and accumulators
- added small artifacts to biters
V 1.1.3 - disabled burnable artifacts and accumulators to do some bugs

Factorio 0.14.22 version - Changelog:
V 1.1.2 - added the sackup module/ bigger sacks are now possible
V 1.1.1 - recipe changes:
- for no pollution electric furnace need now the no pollution steel furnace
- the belt furnace now need the no pollution furnace
- walkover pipes to the ground now need walkover pipes
V 1.1.0 - Add research for Belt furnaces (request to fix non enabled recipes, do to already researched technology)
V 1.0.9 - Added:
- Belt funaces MK 1-3
V 1.0.8 - Added:
- coal instead of oil and coke coal to oil processing
V 1.0.7 - Added:
- Upgrades from Stone to Steel furnace recipes from my mod
- names bugfix
V 1.0.6 - Added:
- Burner Inserter (dont waste that much power like a stack inserter!)
- walk trough my drills
- fast mining for trees
- changed recipes for drills
V 1.0.5 - Added: from my old mod PlatinumEragongs Solar Power
- Mk 1-8 Solar Panels
- Mod Name Change from Luzivras_WaterPower to Luzivras_Factorio_Overhaul
V 1.0.4 - Added:
- Burnable Artefacts
- CokeCoal
- CharCoal
V 1.0.3 - Added:
- no pollution stone, iron and steel furnaces
- no pollution burner and electic mining drills
- tiny tree collision and hp
- loaders and unloaders
V 1.0.2 - Added the No Polution Electic Mining Drill IMPORTANT: many pipes from my mod has ben renamed so you have to recraft and set them to the old position- note its a wip mod
V 1.0.1 - Added Base Game Integration for reduzed hitbox reduzin for:
- Solar Panels
- Accumulators
- Steam Engines
- Pipes
- Chests
- Chemical Plants
- Oil Refineries
- Combinators
- Boilers
- Substations
- Mining Drills
- Pumpjacks
- Small Pumps
- Radar
- Fluid Storage Tanks.
V 1.0.0 - You can craft pipes and pipes to ground that has a tiny hitbox so you can walk through it easily.