by Zarnoo

Chop down trees within area

4 months ago
0.15 - 1.0


1.0.1	Updated for Factorio Release 1.0
18.1.0	Updated for Factorio v18
17.1.4	Change all entitiy names from sawmill to lumberyard to prevent a clash with homeworld mod (which is where this originated)
17.1.3	RUS translation (thanks Va7ya)
17.1.2	Added thumbnail.png
17.1.1	Updated to v17 (untested)
16.1.4  Added new entity - electric sawmill (yet to change stats of electric sawmill
16.1.3  Minor bugfix
16.1.2	Cleaned up some unused code which was causing a problem
16.1.1	Fixed for v16
15.1.2	Fixed problem with game crashing when click on a GUI in another mod
15.1.1	Initial Release