Longer Crafting, Ingredient Fixes

Increases craft time for all recipes, adjusts recipe ingredients
11 months ago
Owner: osldgoth
Source: osldgoth/Longer_Crafting_Ingredient_Fixes
Homepage: https://github.com/osldgoth/Longer_Cr...
License: MIT
Created: 11 months ago
Latest Version: 0.0.3 (11 months ago)
Factorio version: 0.16
Downloaded: 93 times

What does this mod change?

  • Recipe craft times
  • Recipe ingredients
  • Assembling machine craft speed
  • A few technologies modified

NOTE: forget the ratios you learned from vanilla or other modded games.

Forum Post: https://forums.factorio.com/viewtopic.php?f=190&t=62036
More Pictures: TBA

What not to do?

I wouldn't recommend big mods such as Bobs/angels etc as I don't know what will break; unless you want to test them for me. Then let me know what is broken :)

Alien expansion and Rampant mod are also NOT recommended with this mod - use them at your own risk.

How does it make the changes?

Using a unique logarithmic function this mod changes the crafting time of every recipe. The function is as follows:
craft time = T + ln( I ^ (T + 1)))

'T' represents the total number of science pack types used to research the technology that unlocks the recipe + 1. Range is from 1 to 8. A technology that requires red and green as an example is set to 3.
'I' represents the total number of ingredients (fluids / 10) used in the recipe. Advanced-oil-processing recipe takes 50 water and 100 crude and is counted as 150 / 10 = 15 ingredients. The accumulator recipe requires 2 iron-plate and 5 battery(ies) and is counted as 7 ingredients.

Short list of a few new craft times:
- Iron gear wheel: 2.5 seconds
- Medium Electric Pole: 10.5 s
- Rail Signal: 13 s
- Express Transport Belt: 17.5 s
- Tank: 33.5 s
- Nuclear Reactor: 42s
- Rocket Silo: 70s

Yikes, you think? Don't panic! Things get faster as you tech up. I've set assembling machine 1 to have a craft speed of 1(same as player), machine 2 has a speed of 2, and machine 3 has a speed of 3. Yes I know this makes the start even SLOWER, feel free to use an accelerated start mod or cheat.

Now playing with these changes so far I realized many recipes had insane requirements. Mostly too many gears. So I checked 99% of every recipe in the vanilla game to see if the ingredient requirements were too high and made adjustments. I also adjusted ingredients if I thought a change was logical/practical.

A handful of technologies were also modified to make a few previous changes work.