Generate timelapses of your base to view in browsers! Please read the instructions over at https://github.com/L0laapk3/FactorioMaps
23 days ago
Owner: L0laapk3
Source: L0laapk3/FactorioMaps
Homepage: https://github.com/L0laapk3/FactorioMaps
License: CC BY-NC-SA 4.0
Created: 3 months ago
Latest Version: 2.4.2 (23 days ago)
Factorio version: 0.16
Downloaded: 673 times

Factorio Maps

This Factorio mod turns your factory into a timeline! You can view the map locally or upload it to a web server.

Live demo: https://factoriomaps.com/beta/user/L0laapk3/megabase/index.html

github link: https://github.com/L0laapk3/FactorioMaps

How to Install

  1. Download FactorioMaps to %appdata%\mods\, either from the mod portal (The mod does not need to be enabled to work) and then unzipping it, or downloading the git repo.
  2. Install the latest version of python 2.7. (Do not install python 3.)
  3. Recommended: Add python to your environment variables.
  4. Install pip: Download the latest get-pip.py, and run it (python get-pip.py in the command line).
  5. Install the following pip packages: pip install Pillow psutil.

How to Use

  1. Make sure you close factorio before starting the process.
  2. Navigate to the FactorioMaps folder (%appdata%\Factorio\mods\FactorioMaps_x.x.x). Unzip it if you haven't done that already.
  3. Open a command line by typing cmd in the address bar and pressing enter.
  4. Run python auto.py. Some syntax examples:

    • python auto.py Generate a snapshot of the latest modified map (autosaves are excluded) and store it to a folder with the same name. If the folder already exists, the snapshot will be appended to the timeline.
    • python auto.py savename Generate a snapshot of savename and store it to folder savename.
    • python auto.py outfolder savename Generate a snapshot of savename and store it to folder outfolder.
    • python auto.py outfolder savename1 savename2 savename3 Generate timeline snapshots of savename1, savename2, savename3 in that order, and store it to folder outfolder.
    • python auto.py --factorio=PATH Same as python auto.py, but will use factorio.exe from PATH instead of attempting to find it in common locations.
    • python auto.py --noupdate Run the mod without checking for updates.
    • python auto.py --basepath=PATH Same as python auto.py, but will output to PATH instead of script-output\FactorioMaps. Not recommended to use.
  5. An index.html will be created in %appdata%\Factorio\script-output\FactorioMaps\mapName. Enjoy!


You can change a few settings, such as the max range from buildings where pictures are generated, and HD mode, can be changed in autorun.template.lua.
Image quality settings can be changed in the top of zoom.py.

Hosting this on a server

If you wish to host your map for other people to a server, you need to take into account the following considerations: (You can change these once in index.html.template and they will be used for all future snapshots.)
1. All references to https://rawgit.com/L0laapk3/Leaflet.OpacityControls must be removed and selfhosted.
1. Of the files that this program generates, the files required to be hosted are:
* index.html
* mapInfo.js
* All images in Images\.
The other files, txt files in images do not matter. Some of them are used to save states for future timeline snapshots.

Known limitations

  • If you only have the steam version of factorio, steam will ask you to confirm the arguments everytime the script tries to start up. The popup window will sometimes not focus properly. Please press alt tab a couple of times until it shows up. To get around this, install the standalone version of factorio.
  • If the program crashes while making a snapshot, it may leave behind existing timelapses in a state it can not automatically recover from. Please contact me on discord (L0laapk3#2010) or create an Issue, I will guide you trough the fixing process.
  • Running this on headless servers is not possible due to factorio limitations.


If you have problems or questions setting things up, feel free to reach out to me on discord at L0laapk3#2010.
If you believe you have found a bug, inconsistency, something unclear or anything else, please try generating a map to a new empty output folder (If you need help recovering bricked timelapses, please reach out to me). If the problem persists, please submit an issue to the Issue tracker.