Jamozeds Tweaks

by Jamozed
JamozedsTweaks, All (Most) Configurable In-Game, Stack Sizes, Inventory Size, Long Reach, Loaders, Brighter Lights, Prevent Bot Mining, Default Logistics Request Amount, Default Requester Paste Amount, Quick Stump Removal, Cheaper Landfill, Waterfill
a month ago
0.15 - 0.17
Owner: Jamozed
Source: N/A
Homepage: https://git.omkov.net/Jamozed/JamozedsTweaks
License: MIT
Created: 1 year, 11 months ago
Latest Version: 2.0.3 (a month ago)
Factorio version: 0.15 - 0.17
Downloaded: 5089 times

A collection of tweaks that I like to have while playing factorio including:
- Stack Sizes Multiplier
- Inventory Size Bonus
- Long Reach Bonus, Includes Resources
- Loader with Graphics
- Toolbelt Technologies 2 and 3 (Prior to 0.17)
- Lights Similar to Arumbas Lights
- Prevent Bots from Being Mined
- Custom Default Assembler Paste Amount
- Quick Stump Removing
- Cheaper Landfill
- Waterfill Option

2.0.3 -
Added option for endless resources, off by default

2.0.2 -
Fixed loaders
Updated locale

2.0.1 -
Updated for 0.17
Removed toolbelt technologies, as they are no longer needed

2.0.0 -
Cleaned up all code, should run better and no crashes now (hopefully)

1.3.1 -
Updated for 0.16

1.3.0 -
Prepared for large rewrite and clean of all code, along with new features to keep up to date with quality of life fixes

1.2.5 -
Removed smarter bot recharge as it seemed to be bugged

1.2.4 -
Added option to remove decorations from save files, reducing the size
Added descriptions to all options in mod settings

1.2.3 -
Added waterfill option that can be enabled in mod settings

1.2.2 -
Removed unnecessary code

1.2.1 -
Added hide mod names option
Added quick stump removing option
Added cheaper landfill option

1.2.0 -
Cleaned all code, removed unnecessary code
Integrated 0.15 mod settings for each module, everything reasonable is now configurable

1.1.2 -
Added vehicle snapping to 16 points

1.1.1 -
Integrated smarter bot recharge by Nexula

1.1.0 -
Prevent bots from being mined
Prevent construction bots from going to toolbelt automatically
Changed default assembler paste amount to x100

1.0.4 -
Removed power armor grid size, moved it into a separate mod

1.0.3 -
Removed Arch666Angels graphics for ethical reasons

1.0.2 -
Simplified the description for in game mod portal

1.0.1 -
Changed description to include features for in game mod portal

1.0.0 -
Stack sizes for all items in game (including mods) multiplied by 20, this can be changed
Inventory size increased to 240 slots
Long Reach to edges of screen, includes resources
Added loader recipes to game locked with technology, I have used the loader graphics from shinybob mod
Added toolbelt technologies levels 2 and 3, giving a total of 4 toolbelts
Increased grid size for power armor mark 2 to 20 by 20 squares
Integrated lights similar to arumbas lights
Integrated loader rotation fix by Articulating
Increased stability and ensured minimal CPU usage