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This pack contains the following scenarios : - "New Hope (4 levels)" : The best learning campaign from Factorio 0.16 - "Hammer of the Gods" : You are a commando ! (by DarkSeahorse635) - "Lazy Bastard Challenge" : Be fast and efficient to prove your knowledge of the game Good luck and enjoy ! More details in the description.

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Since Factorio 0.17, some old campaigns are not anymore accessible : "First steps" (3 levels) and "New Hope" (4 levels).
This website doesn't have so much story-based scenarios so I decided to bring back "New Hope" and another campaign I found on the forum ( Then, I had the challenge "Lazy Bastard" where you have to be fast and efficient to prove your knowledge of the game...


"New Hope"

The learning campaign (car, train, fight, plane) available in all languages.

"You managed to locate the remains of the fallen ship. Now comes the hard part. In order to get started with any serious colonization of this planet you will need the data from the ship's computer. The computer will allow you to research more advanced technologies, as well as give you a better idea of the surrounding area. The bad news is that there seems to be a large alien base close to the shipwreck..."

"Hammer of the Gods"

A commando campaign only available in english.

"Commando, the biter infestation has spread to our immediate vicinity and we are lacking a functioning geostationary artillery sattellite to keep 'em back. We've got the ammuntion, but we need a gun! Your mission is to drop into the abandoned industrial district, fight your way to Ares Shipping Outpost, retrieve the heavy artillery, and send it into geostationary orbit. An automated adjutant will be accompanying you on your mission. Godspeed Commando and good luck!!!"

"Lazy Bastard Challenge"

You need to build a refinery by handcrafting maximum 111 items.

This is a crazy challenge inspired by the Lazy Bastard achievement. Try to be fast and efficient to be the best player of Factorio ! 3 difficulty levels are available. Tell me your score !

Feedback / Translations / Bugs / Participation

Most of these campaigns have been originally designed for Factorio 0.16, I did some conversions in code and map but they may still contain bugs.

Please give me a feedback through the discussion tab :
- Bugs: send me any error message
- How long did it take you to finish a level ?
- Difficulty : Enemies too hard/easy ?
- Starting base : too much/little structure in the starting base to let players build their own base ?
- Features: some things you didn't use or felt like it was missing ?
- Was the scenario fun ?

If you want to participate :
- you can translate "Hammer of the Gods" in your language (%USERPROFILE%\AppData\Roaming\Factorio\mods\JNF_x.x.x\campaigns\HotG\level-05\locale\en\Hammer of the Gods.cfg). Translate the file (~20 lines) and send it to me.
- you can create your own scenario/campaign/challenge or just share your ideas ?