Innomin8's Bob's Pack

This mod configures Bob's Modules. Disables raw modules, and enables a God Module. This God Module has no speed penalty, has no productivity restriction, and can be placed into machines that normally can't accept a productivity module.

4 years ago
4 years ago
Latest Version:
0.2.2 (4 years ago)
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Innomin8's Configuration Pack for Bob's Mods

So far it does the following:

  1. Disables Raw modules, as I feel they're way too strong
  2. Reduces the range and bonus effect of the upgraded beacons. They are now designed so that Mk1 beacons can cross the distance of 1 belt + inserter, Mk2 can cross 2 belts, and Mk3 can cross 3 belts. Very useful for Bob's + Angel's setups. All beacons now have 2 module slots.
  3. Enables a single tier of God Modules. These are intended for late game, and to be quite expensive. I think I need to make them more expensive than they are, so looking for feedback.
    • They don't have quite as good of a productvitity module
    • They have no speed, power, or pollution penalty
    • They can be installed for recipes that normally don't accept productivity bonuses (final products)
  4. Reduces module slots in all refineries, assemblers, furnaces, chemical plants, and electrolyzers. The max level of these will have 3 module slots, except assembly machines which cap at 4.


0.2.2 - Reduced module slots on mining drills, pumpjacks, and water pumpjacks.
0.2.1 - Updated module 5's to require the top processor boards (CPUs) to align with the standard requirements for higher tiers of modules. Reduced God Module productivity bonus to match reduced # of module tiers. These are still very strong since they work on end products.
0.2.0 - Major update. Massively reduced module slots on all chemical plants, refineries, assemblers, beacons, and furnaces. Reduced tiers of Bob's modules to 5 instead of 8. Tier 2+ modules now require gems instead of starting at Tier 5+.
0.1.1 - Fixed name in JSON File
0.1.0 - Fixed version numbers in JSON file
0.0.1 - Initial release