Hexi's Maze Mod

Turns the map into a series of connected mazes.
2 years ago
0.15 - 0.16
Owner: Hexicube
Source: N/A
Homepage: N/A
License: Creative Commons 3.0: BY-NC-SA
Created: 2 years ago
Latest Version: 1.5.8 (2 years ago)
Factorio version: 0.15 - 0.16
Downloaded: 1476 times

Turns the world into a giant grid of mazes.

Important Notices

Some issues are present on the 0.16 version of the mod that were not present on the 0.15 version. Offshore pumps cannot be placed on void tiles, some mod ores act strange, and uranium ore patches are abnormally small.

Different versions are not strictly compatible with each other. Most of the time it will work fine, but problems can occur ranging from changed ore generation to worlds crashing on load. To ensure consistency, stick with a single version of the mod.


Lots and lots of mazes.
Maze customisation options.
Support for any and every type of ore.

Configurable Options


Maze Width/Height - Controls the overall shape of the maze, and difficulty exploring it.
Cell Size - Controls the size of the maze, by changing the size of each individual piece.
Wall Thickness - Controls wall thickness, to optionally prevent using underground belts to bypass walls.
Ore Multiplier - Controls how much ore is given anywhere that isn't the start. Useful for when you have spawn ore how you like it, but everything else is wrong.
Start Ore Multiplier - Controls how much ore is given at the start, so that you have a fighting chance.
Spawn Cutout Size - Controls how much space is given at the start area. You get a square area 2n+1 wide and tall, measured in cells (you get n extra cells in all directions).
Ore Grass / Spawn Ore Grass - Forces ores to spawn by giving it land to spawn on.
Flat Ores - Replaces the pyramid-style ore spawning with a flattened patch, so that all miners run out at roughly the same time.
Block Crossroads - Prevents walking around mazes by blocking off passageways where they meet.
Correct Ore Fields - Tweaks ore field sizes to try and more closely match how much ore should be there. This can cause ore fields to not match the size setting given in world resource settings.
Disable Water - Removes all water, if you don't want that sort of thing. Off-shore pumps can use the void instead.
Start Ore IDs - A list of four ores to spawn at the start area. This needs to be changed for modded gameplay.
Extra Start Ore IDs - Four extra spawn ores for when mods add additional starting area ores. Works the same as the above option.

Global (intended for servers)

Disable Radar Placement - Prevents placing radars, but they are still craft-able (for satellites). Existing radars cannot be mined, but will continue to function.
Disable Radar Scanning - Prevents radars from scanning new chunks, but does not prevent placement. Useful if you want to allow placing radars, but still want to force players to explore mazes manually.
Biters Ignore Walls - Modifies the collision of void tiles so that biters can walk over them. This gets rid of the easy defending you can do when biters respect walls, since you can simply block off entrances and nothing else.

World Resource Settings

All three settings are fully independent of each other, unlike in vanilla. For instance, if you reduce the frequency of ore fields, they will not get richer.


Controls the number of ore fields per maze.
Very Low = 35%
Low = 65%
Normal = 100%
High = 135%
Very High = 170%


Controls the size of ore fields, relative to the size of the cell they reside in.
None = Ore will not spawn
Very Small = 40% (16% of area)
Small = 45% (20.25% of area)
Medium = 50% (25% of area)
Large = 60% (36% of area)
Very Large = 70% (49% of area)


Controls the amount of ore in ore fields.
Very Poor = 50%
Poor = 75%
Regular = 100%
Good = 125%
Very Good = 150%

Compatibility / Issues

Should work with any mod that adds new resources. Any resource detected to be one tile in size (collision box no larger than 1x1) will be placed within maze cells, any resources larger than this (such as oil wells) are ignored.
Ore base frequency and richness is determined by that resource's autoplace controls.

Multi-player has been tested on an otherwise vanilla world, with only one desync in 4 days (cause unknown). It should not cause any issues and is guaranteed to give the exact same result for a given seed with the same settings.

Does not work with RSO, since RSO completely overhauls ore generation. However, principles are similar (set amount of ore spawns in an area), so you shouldn't need to use RSO.
Attempting to use RSO results in managed ores spawning with all tiles only having 1 of the resource.

In some cases (such as lots of mods adding ores), you may get the following error:
"Too many ore spawns for the given maze size!"
If this happens, there's so many ores that it wants to place more ore fields into maze cells than the number of maze cells in each maze. Reducing the frequency of ores should resolve the issue.
Additionally, high cutout settings on large mazes can cause this to appear, since maze cutouts reduce the number of ore spawns.