by Reika

Adds magma sources and geothermal generators.

1 year, 3 months ago
0.15 - 1.1

g Well not producing. Conflict or bug?

4 years ago

I've just set up my first well, and for some reason it doesn't produce any thermal water ( The well is powered and expected production is 3/sec but nothing is happening. Am I doing something wrong? (The ring of pipes is just to see if there was output anywhere).

When I place the well, the 4 inputs appear which seems strange.

I'm running a LOT of mods including Angels and Bobs, but I haven't encountered any other conflicts, and it would seem odd for something to conflict with geothermal vents as it is entirely new.

Any ideas?

4 years ago

mlmshannon, there is an option for the mod under Options -> Mod Settings -> Startup tab for making Geothermal wells require water input to give an output. I don't know if it's on by default, but by the looks of yours having input feeds, I would say this option is on for you.

4 years ago

Yes! That was exactly the problem, just needed water.
I didn't think to check for mod settings. :/
Thank you.