by Reika

Adds magma sources and geothermal generators.

1 year, 3 months ago
0.15 - 1.1

g Awesome Mod (+thanks +questions)

5 years ago
(updated 5 years ago)

Awesome mod! New sources of power generation are too far and few in between on the mod portal, so greatly appreciate this as a fan!

As for questions, (Q1) are these patches like oil, in that they deplete to lower and lower values, reducing the efficiency of geothermal over time? (Q2) Or are they treated as infinite, as in they retain the same efficiency? (Q3) If so, do they become more efficient further away from the starting area, or are they equally viable regardless of distance? Thanks in advance!

As a random aside, I've played a few of your Minecraft mods (RoReElec-craft) and (Q4) was wondering if you plan on making any big mods for Factorio? Personally, I enjoy Factorio a LOT more than Minecraft, as automation is the main focus of the vanilla game, whereas Minecraft requires mods to have much in the way of automation. *cough and it also runs a hell of a lot smoother than Minecraft.

Maybe there are too many centralizing and overhaulish mods like Bobs, Angels, Omni, etc. or just not enough features that aren't already implemented in some way, but your mods are seriously some of the best and I would love to see more original content like this, if at all possible! :D

5 years ago

Q1/2/3: No, they last forever, with no change in time or distance. They are coded like oil patches, but they spawn already at the minimum value, which is geared to be plenty.

Q4: Define "big". I have a few with a great deal of content - EndgameCombat and NauvisDay, for example - but they are not "big" like Bob's mods are.

5 years ago
(updated 5 years ago)

Hm, sounds good to me; I like a reliable source of energy. As for what I mean by "big".. I've looked through a few of your other posted mods, but aside from a couple of exceptions (mostly just EndgameCombat and this mod), they individually don't add much new to the game.

Most of them are either tweaking something minor (NavuisDay, Rubber Belts, Biter Bias)) and a couple that overlap with existing mods (Oreverhaul vs RSO; FastFurnaces vs BobAssembly, FTweaks vs Wormmus Config/other "tweaks collection" mods).

So what I mean by "big" is more along the lines of RoReElec-craft, or Chromaticraft level of "big". I mean, those mods really made me and my friends "think", and they were the cornerstone of all of our Minecraft playthroughs. It would just be a shame if Factorio, my more-loved game, were unable to receive the same treatment.

Although I can imagine that it's more difficult to add much "original" to this game than to Minecraft. I guess if it were easy, then I'd have more than one and a half mods posted myself.. haha..

5 years ago

I have little to add to Factorio's overall progression or design, especially that which has not been done before.

5 years ago

Hmm, that must really speak to the level of the game and mods released thus far. A bit sad to hear, but understandable. Thanks again!