Global Tick Time Scale

by Zanthra

Change the UPS/FPS of Factorio without changing the game pace. Allows normal gameplay at 120hz.

28 days ago
0.15 - 1.1

g Question regarding infinite technologies

10 months ago

Does your mod handle them at all? If not, I may be able to offer some advice on that front.

10 months ago

In what sense? This mod adjusts the prototypes for mining drills, robots and the like to change the speed, the infinite technologies are applied as a modifier. All the vanilla infinite techs work fine.

There may be some compatibility problems between some modded infinite technologies like hand crafting speeds and this mod's option to fix hand crafting speeds.

10 months ago

OH WAIT I'm stupid.
For some reason I thought that this mod messes with the science count, which would be difficult to reduce for infinite technologies if you don't know the trick (multiply the entire string by x^(0-1) )

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