Global Tick Time Scale

by Zanthra

Change the UPS/FPS of Factorio without changing the game pace. Allows normal gameplay at 120hz.

28 days ago
0.15 - 1.1

b Global tick time scale and actual craft time

1 year, 11 days ago

With Global tick time scale set to 120 fps, as the mod works it slows down everything and speeds up the game to result in 120 fps play, or 144 fps, or 30, or whatever you please, however with GTTS set, what happens with actual craft times, and the game default UI, anything that mentions crafting time or items/s is affected by this, and since the game speed is sped up instead of just the objects themselves, actual craft time cant recognize this and it results in reporting that items/s are halved, so at 120 fps, you have to multiply the items/s by two to find out what you'd actually get, and the time it takes for something to craft or be consumed is doubled, meaning you have to do the math to halve it, to find out what your actually crafting and how fast the things will be. Now I know, there's probably no way to fix this, because the game can't be self aware of whether it's in twice the speed or not and adjust accordingly, but i feel there should be a compatibility addon of some sort that theoretically should allow this to work, whether it involves halving the reported craft times or something, I feel like there should be a way to fix this, but I'm no mod developer, I'm just going off of what I think is possible and it might not actually be, but I thought i should mention it anyways, as it makes planning out your factory just a tiny bit more confusing, most especially when the FPS is set to a factor that is not of 60, like 144, which i used to have my GTTS set to but then it got too confusing, but anyways hope this helps, and as a point of reference, the actual craft times mod im using since there are many is Actual Craft Time by osldgoth

10 months ago

I don't think you can fix the base game menu inaccuracies, but for actual craft time and similar modes, you can petition them to multiply their reported results by the game speed.

10 months ago

I wish I could, although in Factorio it is not often the case that a listed crafting time is really the time it takes due to the various crafting speeds of buildings. This mod is a bit beyond the scope of what mods were really meant to do, and so there were many assumptions made about the game running at 60 UPS which likely have been long baked into the Factorio code by now.

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