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Note: The mod page is being moved [here](https://mods.factorio.com/mod/FactorioAccess) while we resolve some things. This mod makes the game accessible to the blind and visually impaired, by converting visual features into audio features. Note that running this mod fully requires some config changes, as well as the mod's own launcher from the GitHub releases.

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2 months ago
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0.10.0 (2 months ago)
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Note: The mod page is being moved here while we resolve some things.

Factorio Access Mod

Compatibility Warning

Using the vocalizer and configuring the game requires that you run this mod using its own launcher app. Download the releases with launchers from the GitHub page here. More info about the launcher can be found here

If you have played Factorio before installing this mod, we recommend that you save your original "config.ini" file, or keep this mod on a separate installation of the game, so that you can keep your original configuration settings. More info about the configuration changes being made can be found here

This mod is not guaranteed to be compatible with other mods. Compatibility may require anything between zero changes and rewriting half of the other mod. We welcome players to test other mods while we update our compatible mods list here

Some other mods are used as dependencies for some features of this mod, such as driving or automatic walking.

Updates Warning

This mod needs to be updated manually for now.


This mod makes the game accessible to the blind and visually impaired, by converting visual features into audio features. The mod follows a philosophy of keeping the original experience of the game as much as possible, and so the focus primarily is to give information that would usually be provided visually, while you do the building and planning as usual. The mod also has several unique features, but they are meant to be alternatives to the vanilla features that are dependent on vision.

As of the Beta release of version 0.10.0, the mod is in pretty good shape for offering a streamlined singleplayer experience, especially after the revision of the tutorial. The mod is also steadily developing its support for multiplayer and it is being designed to be versatile so that players with different levels of vision can enjoy playing together seamlessly.

The mod was started by Crimso in the summer of 2022 (Factorio Access). The original repository has development on pause and the "beta" repository managed by SirFendi has ongoing development since the summer of 2023 (Factorio Access Beta).


Find more information on the mod's own wiki: https://github.com/Crimso777/Factorio-Access/wiki
Join our discussions on the mod's Discord server: https://discord.gg/gV6TjwHZQa