by llVIU

A scenario where you can go underground and dig through rocks. You could find treasure chests, patches of ores... or big caves full of bitters! Credit to original creator Decu

3 months ago
0.17 - 1.00


1) If you add a mod that adds independent resources (example: bob/angel, titanium gold silica etc) those resources will spawn as usual overground. As of now, underground spawns only vanilla resources (iron/copper/stone/coal/oil/uranium). I will try to fix this to make it compatible.

to-do list:
-bug with inventory size, inventory gets bigger when you mine a rock, then inventory size shrinks, need to fix ASAP
-find a solution with resources from other mods
-change graphics for elevator
-construction robots drop ore on the floor whenever they deconstruct/upgrade an item. This should be removed
-add a constant evolution factor. Due to lack of pollution overground, the bitter evolution could potentially stop altogether.