Config+ Darkstar Utilities compat

This mod adds a lot of customization options to the game. Buff or Nerf just about anything freely! Should also apply to modded content as long as it's classified correctly. Mod has been altered by usafphoenix for compatibility with darkstar utilities. Projectile multiplier removed.

5 years ago
5 years ago
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0.15.2 (5 years ago)
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This is a fork of / proof of fault for issue related between config+ and Darkstar Utilities mod.
As of testing, debugging, the current releases are incompatible so i set to work to discover cause. The issue, it turns out was with projectile code in darkstar mod and config+ attempting to modify it.
This release of the config+ mod simply comments out the code related to projectile modification and enables the current release of Darkstar Utilities to run simultaneously with it.

If anyone would prefer or like to have, i have also scouraged through the darkstar mod and removed the projectile code from it, so it could load with config+ without any modifications to Xerxes' mod.

No authorship, owernship, or liability taken, this is merely to help the authors of the two mods resolve issue. (or, in the meantime, enable others to play with most of the functionality of both mods enabled at the same time)

To use this version of config+ in order to play with Darkstar utilities, ensure that your other version of config+ is disabled.

It is highly unlikely that I'll be updating this mod, as the only difference is that this is config+ with just the projectile modifier code removed, so that i was able to load up darkstar utilities and run some tests.