Combat by Samuel

Sniper and shotgun Turrets, Uranium shotgun ammo, A Sniper Gun, and more to come.
11 months ago
0.15 - 0.17

a Migrating to Factorio 0.18

- 25 days ago
(updated 14 days ago)

The last update to this mod was 10 months ago, and I doubt that it will be updated for Factorio 0.18 anytime soon. So you can't use sniper or shotgun turrets in your 0.18 game? No!

Some time ago I released Combat by Samuel + minus so you can change some settings of "Combat by Samuel". Now, I've included the actual code and graphics from "Combat by Samuel", so you can continue to use the toys you've come to like.

Please note:
-I don't intend to take over "Combat by Samuel"!
- I won't make any further changes to it (except bug fixes) -- all I want to do is to keep it working until the original is updated!
- Once "Combat by Samuel" has been updated, I will remove its code/graphics from my mod again!