MadClown01's Extended AngelBob Minerals

Brings many new ores & minerals to games with Angel's Refining and Bob's Ores active.

7 months ago
0.16 - 1.1

b [Fixed] No infinite ores generated

2 years ago


I've got v0.8.12 of Angels Infinite Ores installed and v1.1.7 of your mod, but I don't get infinite versions of your ores generated with the stock resource generator. It's weird.

Any ideas?

2 years ago
(updated 2 years ago)

Unrelated, I know:

It works with RSO though.
But with RSO you get the ores really really really really far away from each other. Angel's Ores are gigantic fields of millions of ores and you get like 1 antitat deposit under with 300k in it. The preset is a bit overkill. It's ridiculous.

2 years ago

i have no idea with regards to the infinite ore settings, i do have a feeling that the vanilla generation script change has caused issues, for now id recommend either playing without infinite ores, or with RSO...

2 years ago

I have updated the mod to utilise angels ore generation scripts if infinite ores is active, so this appears to be fixed.
The only potential issue is how oil sands and alluvial spawns. Either way... improvement