Chunk Aligned

This mod make it easier to align stuffs to the chunk grid.

2 months ago
0.18 - 1.1

g More detailed description

9 months ago

Hi, could you expand the description a bit?

  • How does it make it easier to align stuff?
  • More screenshots
  • Any options?
a month ago

According to the Changelog:

- New setting for how medium power poles behave
- Power-poles distances now align with chunk grid
- Roboports ranges now align with chunk grid

Other than that I can't really tell, I'm about to go check it out and see what's up with it.

a month ago

I was about to test it but game errors out on start when loaded with Krastorio 2.

What i'm mainly curious about is how lightweight can you make the display. Can you disable the single tile grid, can you change colors and transparency etc? ChunkyChunks does what i need but still waiting for update.

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