Charcoal Burner

Adds a way to turn your useless excess wood into charcoal

3 years ago
0.13 - 1.1
7 years ago
Latest Version:
1.19.29 (3 years ago)
Factorio version:
0.13 - 1.1
Downloaded by:
2.34K users

A small mod I wrote to get rid of excess wood. Put wood into a furnace, and out comes coal!

It can get more complicated if you wish:
- Charcoal through the chemical plant;
making charcoal in a chemical plant does not require charcoal preparate as an intermediate and gives creosote oil as by-product.
- Creosote;
Creosote can be used to make solid fuel and an antiseptic salve that works like a fish.
- Coal coke;
making solid fuel with coal gives creosote and an increase in fuel value.
- Preserved wood;
Creosote can be used to preserve wood planks to make them more durable. represented by more planks.
All this requires research and chemical plants.

Angel's Petrochem:
For those who play with angels mods, there is a special integration part:
- Crack creosote oil into its constituent components: Naphtha, Phenol and Anthracene
- What is anthracene? a compound made from three benzene rings it can be split into. (dissolve it first in methanol)
- Make a resin-like pitch from creosote (really just bob's resin)
- Barrel creosote oil in the angels fashion or void it if you have plenty
- A few adjustments to remain consistent with angels mods and my own naming:
- Coal coke gives actual coke, and is moved to the carbon processing tech
- Solid fuel from creosote needs coal coke like all other solid fuel recipes

Special Thanks:
JoeWhizer for providing german translations. He has also translated other mods, seen in the link below:

Changelog: 1.19.29
- Updated for 1.1
- Tweaked creosote a tad to make the barrel more distinct from the empty barrel

- Fixed error with Angel's Petrochem

- fixed versioning
Xorimuth informed me the versioning I used wouldn't work. It'd only letting the 0.18 release be findable, so I fixed that, and I also changed the second number to 19 to avoid issues with updating and downloading the mod. I wanted the first two numbers to reflect the factorio version the release is for, but that'd have to wait until 1.19 then...

- Updated for 1.00
- Changed versioning since my original scheme wouldn't work for 1.00 (and sucked anyway) THIS MAY CAUSE ISSUES WITH UPDATING. This can be resolved by deleting the old zip and replacing it with the new one. (it caused issues for me while updating, but that could just be due to having multiple folders. I don't know how the factorio mod portal handles it)

- Updated for 0.18

- Fixed crash when using bob's modules with productivity limitations disabled

- Fixed crash when Angel's petrochem isn't present, but angel's refining is

- updated to 0.17
- nerved creosote production to make it more of an extra bonus and less of a possible nuisance

- updated to use angel's new name for resin

- Fixed a bug

- Fixed a bug

- fixing bugs
- allows use of productivity modules with recipes
- changed backend names to remove the possibility of conflicts.

- Removed charcoal preparate
- added setting to reintroduce charcoal preparate because of wonkyness
I only introduced charcoal preparate because I could not get inserters to insert raw wood properly. It works as I originally intended, but with a little wonkyness. If you use burner furnaces with wood as fuel, inserters will fill up the fuel slot first, then they will insert wood for the recipe. because of this, I added a setting that allows use of the old mechanics if you want to.

- Idem

- Actually fixed crash when Angel's petrochem is enabled
1.16.15 didn't fix it, I apologize

- Fixed crash when Angel's petrochem is enabled
It's out now, and I over looked something. It works now.

- Updated for 0.16.x
Haven't tested with bob's/angel's yet, because that's not out yet, but it works without!

- Added German translations by JoeWhizer (go click that link!)
- Added Dutch translations

- fixed Angel's latest update (refining 0.7.13) resulting in a crash
- added anthracene to angels void list

- fixed crash if any of angels mods is present but not angels refining

- fixed bug where the game wouldn't launch if angels mods were not installed

- added integration for angels mods (see above)