A chainsaw.
1 year, 9 months ago
0.13 - 0.16

g I love this SO MUCH

- 3 years ago

Trees now quake in fear as I decimate forests to be burned in my smelting lines. Thank you so, so much!

- 3 years ago

You're welcome :)

- 3 years ago

This is good, not OP but useful. I do however have a request: would it be possible to have an option to not play the sound effect? I find it pretty grating when mowing down a large forest and since it plays longer than it takes to chop down multiple trees (but it tries to play it for each one) it seems to get a little mixed up.
Also it would be good if they stacked. I made 5 but although they have a number in the corner they didn't stack. Doesn't need to be much but 5 or 10 would be good.

- 3 years ago

Hi Devilwarriors I too feel the same as the OP, the chainsaw is great, however this mod is incompatible with my MOD AussyBush (based off JJtJJ's TreeSeeds), would you mind if I modified it a bit and included it in the AussyBush mod?

- 3 years ago

or could you change a few lines in your mod please?

1 script.on_event(, function(event) onMined(event) end)
1 script.on_event(, function(event) onMined(event) end)

8 local mined_item =
8 local mined_entity = event.entity.type

14 if mined_item == "raw-wood" then
14 if mined_entity == "tree" then

- 3 years ago

Despite what the description say, on_preplayer_mined_item is not executed when you start mining something with the mining tool. It's run after the mining progress bar is fulled, right before the entity is removed from the surface. So it still run only a few milliseconds before on_player_mined_item.

so that wouldn't fix the sound problem.

I can't make a version without sound as there no way to set an option for that without creating a GUI and I'm not really interested in doing that. (maybe if that mod that's trying to create a global GUI for that sort of thing catch up I will add support for it)

But for now you can disable the sound on your side just by opening the mod zip archive and commenting the line that run the sound with double "--" like this :
--player.surface.create_entity({name = "chainsaw-sound", position = player.position})

I also accidentally put the sound to 120% when copying the line from another mod so I will be reducing that next version. That should help.

- 3 years ago
(updated 3 years ago)

For the AussyBush problem, I don't think I will change the mined_item to mined_entity because I want my mod to support automatically entity that would give raw wood when they are mined.

But I'm looking into adding a remote interface that would allow you to add an entity to a table of supported entity that my mod would treat as if they were a tree.

Stay tune

- 3 years ago


OK so you want the MOD to automatically support entities that give raw wood when they are mined!

This is good and I believe that you should keep this idea,
however the AussyBush and TreeSeeds MODs, provide examples of where your assumptions fall over.

While mining trees with either of these MODs installed (which still give 4 raw-wood to the player on being mined) your coding if item == "raw-wood" will trigger the "exploding" chainsaw code (else statement) rather than the true statement.

I believe that this is just a technical limitation for the chainsaw MOD due to the fact that the on.player_mined event returning a single item rather than an array of items, therefore any new MOD that will return raw-wood to the player but returns multiple items will also fail!

I believe that this is just a simple assumption mistake vs Factorio's internal logic

I think you need to reassess your assumption on what in Factorio would ever give raw-wood?
for me this is an entity of type tree!
if there are any others?, please tell me.

I have tried changing the order of item drops on my MOD, but this only solves half the problem as I can then mine trees with the chainsaw, but then the chainsaw will explode while mining saplings, which from an ideological perspective doesn't make much sense.
A chainsaw that can cut down Oak trees all day, but fails if it touches a leaf?

- 3 years ago

I've found a way to make the chainsaw only mine wood and pretty much work like a normal mining tool. No more explosion or things like that. It support your mod without any problem.

I should finish this over the week-end.

- 3 years ago

Thanks that will be great :)

- 3 years ago

Cheers, that's fine. I'll comment that line out and be happy

- 2 years ago

I just love that thing.
Never ever again an factorio game without my chainsaw. REMMBEBEMMBEMMBEMM!!

Would be even better, if:
a) it would be stackable (stacksize 3..5 would be pretty more than enough)
b) a toggle button, for switching between tool and chainsaw
c)...if it could be used as a weapon...ok, sick idea of an old Doom/Quake-Player :-)
(could be placed in a weapon slot (I even use 2 weapons max anyway) could solve b) & c) with one strike ;-)

- 2 years ago

THERE IS a Toggle button - sorry, didn't see it :-)

- 2 years ago

I can't make it a weapon because of reasons, but yeah I'm planing to make change the stacksize to 5 soon since your not the first to ask.

And yup there is a toggle button :)