A hyper dimensional entity capable of storing large amounts matter and energy and make them available anywhere

8 months ago
10 months ago
Latest Version:
0.1.10 (8 months ago)
Factorio version:
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When you crash-landed you managed to save your most precious piece of technology the tesseract
With the tesseract and the fragments it produces, you can store and transport matter and energy across any distance

How it works:
Place the Tesseract altar in your factory, it works as an accumulator (it is capable of storing a large amount of power) when the tesseract's internal capacitors are full of energy it starts to convert any excess of energy into Tesseract fragments.

Use these fragments to build auxiliary structures with the most diverse applications:

  • A fast lab to research the fragments and improve the tesseract
  • Dematerializer chests and tanks to store items and fluids into the tesseract
  • Materializers to retrieve them back
  • Power leeches, accumulators made to collect the excess of energy from your factory and feed the Tesseract's internal capacitors
  • Power sources, accumulators made to provide energy from the tesseract anywhere you need it
  • Teleporters to take you from A to B instantly
  • Portable power sources to feed your armor
  • Integration with Orbital Solar Power recharge the Tesseract with solar satellites
  • Tesseract logistic equipment teleport items from the Tesseract to you anywhere you are
  • Matter printer an assembler capable of doing anything with the materials stored in the Tesseract (thanks Mugiwaxar for the graphics)
    and much more to come

There are 3 infinite technologies to improve the Tesseract, one to increase its internal accumulators' power storage a second one to increase matter storage capacity and another to give infinite storage capacity to a single type of matter with each level allowing you to select an additional type

The Tesseract open doors to almost infinite possibilities but be aware it consumes its share in power from your factory

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