Hydrogen Power Systems

Using the power of univese's most common element

10 months ago
0.16 - 0.18
2 years ago
Latest Version:
0.2.11 (10 months ago)
Factorio version:
0.16 - 0.18
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Add to the game the ability to produce hydrogen and several uses to it

Use your factory's power surplus to produce hydrogen
Smelt ores with a hydrogen furnace
Store HUGE amounts of energy in hydrogen tanks
Make a UPS system for your factory using the fuel cell generator
Transport energy over long distances in hydrogen cylinders
Provide power to your armor with portable fuel cells
Produce clean fuel for your vehicles
Kill aliens with a hydrogen-powered laser gun
Go anywhere really fast in your completely clean hydrogen car
Hydrogen rocket fuel
Hydrogen nuclear fusion reactor with a circuit interface
Improved fusion equipment
Hydrogen atomic bomb artillery shell
Produce hydrogen from nuclear-heat with the pyrolizer

Production chain:
Electrolyzer: Everything starts with the Electrolyzer it uses power surplus from your factory to produce hydrogen from water and sulfuric acid
Hydrogen production from water consumes a HUGE amount of energy so the Electrolyzer is set low priority usage so the rest of your factory won't starve of electricity

Hydrogen is extremely energetic even a small amount can power machines for hours so don't worry about the small amount produced it's intentional
With hydrogen in hands (or tanks) it is time to start producing fuel, you can produce the extremely clean hydrogen pellets (plastic encased hydrogen) or the slightly stronger but dirty solid fuel, after a bit more research you can even make rocket fuel

Hydrogen furnaces: It's an extremely clean furnace fueled by hydrogen, it has two modes of operation fueled by bottles and fueled by pipes (shift-click to change modes)

Fuel Cell Generators: They are designed to produce energy to your factory from hydrogen, they produce exactly the same amount of energy used to produce the hydrogen, so the system electrolyzer-hydrogen tank-fuel cell (fuel cell system) is used to store energy for those annoying power spikes that slow down your factory (especially if you use lasers as defense).
The Fuel Cell Generators normally comes in low priority mode so it will power your factory only if other power sources are not enough, but it can be converted to the normal or solar power modes so it can power your factory in any circumstances (shift-click to change modes)

The fuel cell system can replace several accumulators a single one has a 5MW input (17 accumulators) over 50GJ of stored energy (10K accumulators) and 10MW output (34 accumulators)
The fuel cell generator can also be used to power remote outposts with energy generated in your main factory without the need for power lines just put hydrogen into pressure vessels (high tech bottles) and transport the bottles to your outpost to feed fuel cells

Portable Fuel Cell: You also have a portable fuel cell to power your modular armor, it is fueled by hydrogen bottles, just place the equipment in your armor, right click on it and fill it with bottles. The bottles have so much hydrogen that it is almost a set and forget system

Pulse Laser and Laser Drifter: This is the system's the military branch, the pulse laser is a rapid-fire laser with good damage and long range, its damage is boosted by laser technology so it will continue to be relevant through the game, it uses ammo made from hydrogen pellets
The Laser Drifter is a hydrogen-fueled car equipped with a pulse laser, it is extremely fast and agile, resistant to collisions, have a large equipment grid and great autonomy. Its only downside is the small trunk (hint: try to take down some trees with it)

Fusion Reactor: Here comes the real power! It's an extremely powerful large scale reactor fueled by deuterium. Deuterium is extracted from hydrogen in centrifuges and stored in microcapsules, so none of it is wasted in the process. The reactor is especially powerful when paired with others, but all this power may be a bit hard to manage so the reactor comes with a built-in circuit connection to help control it. the circuit can inform the reactor's temperature and remaining fuel

Pyrolyser: It is used to produce hydrogen from nuclear heat and water, can be used with normal uranium reactors or fusion reactors. The system Fusion Reactor-Pyrolyzer-Fuel Cell Generator if well built, can easily power a Huge factory and produce all the hydrogen you need at once in a self-sustained system and all you need to make it work is water

Portable Fusion Reactors: The pinnacle of fusion technology, used to power your modular armor these are deuterium fueled reactors they are not self-sustained reactors like the normal portable reactor but are far more powerful

Hydrogen Bomb: Of course fusion technology also have a military use and the H-bomb is the most powerful bomb you'll ever see! It's only delivered by artillery turrets, have a HUGE blast area and immense damage and leaves nothing but a huge crater. Stay clear from its blast area or it will be your last move!

know issues:
Accumulators stop working when they are in the same power system of electrolyzers and fuel cell generators

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