CJs Easy Recipes

by CJ5Boss
This mod changes the recipes of most entities to make the game easier for beginners.
5 months ago
Owner: CJ5Boss
Source: N/A
Homepage: N/A
License: MIT
Created: 1 year, 3 months ago
Latest Version: 0.0.4 (5 months ago)
Factorio version: 0.16
Downloaded: 575 times

Are you a beginner looking for a quick and easy game? Do you want a faster playthrough? This is the mod for you.
This mod creates easier recipes requiring less and different entities when crafting, such as reducing the amount of advanced circuits in an object, etc. Currently, it contains fixes for:
-Most logistics objects
-Most production objects
-Some intermediate products
-Most combat products
Current Version: v0.0.4
What's new in v0.0.331
-Support for 0.17
Upcoming Changes:
-More Balance Fixes
-Support for more recipes
-Added stack size changes
--Balance notice: it may be necessary to require research in order to increase stack sizes, expect this in the future.
Copper Ore: 50-->250-->300
Iron Ore: 50-->250-->300
Stone: 50-->250-->300
Uranium Ore: 50-->200
Coal: 50-->300-->400
Iron Plate: 100-->200
Copper Plate: 100-->200
Raw Wood: 100-->250
Wood: 50-->100
Solid Fuel: 50-->75
Steel Plate: 100-->125
Plastic Bar: 100-->250
Sulfur: 50-->100
Battery: 200-->350-->325
Explosives: 50-->100
Copper Cable: 200-->400-->350
Iron Stick: 100-->150
Iron Gear Wheel: 100-->400
Electronic Circuit: 200-->400
Advanced Circuit: 200-->250
Processing Unit: 100-->150-->125
Engine Unit: 50-->75-->65
Electric Engine Unit: 50-->60
Flying Robot Frame: 50-->75-->70
Wooden Chest: 50-->100
Iron Chest: 50-->75
Steel Chest: 50-->60
Storage Tank: 50-->55
All Transport Belts: 100-->200
All Underground Belts: 50-->100
All Splitters: 50-->75
Burner Inserter: 50-->100
Inserter: 50-->100
Long Handed Inserter: 50-->75
Fast Inserter: 50-->100
Filter Inserter: 50-->100
Stack Inserter: 50-->75
Stack Filter Inserter: 50-->60
Small Electric Pole: 50-->100
Medium Electric Pole: 50-->70
Big Electric Pole: 50-->55
Substation: 50-->45 (A nerf to keep a balance)
Pipe: 100-->300
Pipe To Ground: 50-->100
Pump: 50-->60
-I will make a HARD recipe mod, an IMPOSSIBLE recipe mod, and a REALISTIC recipes mod.