Burnys Train Station Blueprint Creator

by Burny
A helper mod to quickly create train station blueprints for different train lengths and individual needs.
3 months ago
0.14 - 0.17

b Changing chests crashes game

- 2 years ago

So I'm new to the mod and tried to figure out how it works. When I came to the section where you select what chest type you want from the menu, a little message in the bottom corner comes up "errors will occur". If I then try to generate the blueprint, the game crashes.
Hope this helps and gets patches soon,, looks like a great mod! :D

- 2 years ago

Hey, can you tell me which settings you used before you clicked "create blueprint"?
That way I can reproduce the crash and find out what's broken.

- 2 years ago

This set of options crashes: http://i.imgur.com/kuLfIyA.png

I think the crash has to do with the "Sides to be used" section as using "Both" does not crash on my end.

- 2 years ago
(updated 2 years ago)

Ah indeed, sorry about that! Has to do with "side" and "use green wires". Using "Both"-sides while using green wire still works. Or any side without the wire connection also works.
Will be fixed in v0.0.9

Am 2 days late on the response :( Need to write a tool that notifies me of new entries in this "forum".

- 2 years ago

No problem, thanks!