Biter Santa

Adds a Biter Santa which is activated by command
5 months ago
Owner: muppet9010
Source: muppet9010/Factorio-Biter-Santa
Homepage: N/A
License: GNU LGPLv3
Created: 5 months ago
Latest Version: 0.1.1 (5 months ago)
Factorio version: 0.16
Downloaded: 52 times

Adds a flying biter santa and sleigh that can be called in by command, will land and then can be dismissed by command to fly away.


Runway Takeoff

Vertical Takeoff


  • A flying Santa sleigh being pulled by biters. Made from ingame assets so fits in base game graphically.
  • Santa will take 60 tiles to land and take off using a horizontal (runway) approach. It will detroy any ground based things in this path.
  • Options for Santa to use Vertical Take Off or a horizontal runway take off to depart.
  • Configurable start, landing and disappearing position through the clouds.
  • Configurable santa status messages.
  • Santa is indestructible and cannot be interacted with in any way other than the commands.


  • call-santa: Call santa to fly in and land
  • dismiss-santa: Send santa to take off and fly away
  • delete-santa: Removes santa from the map instantly

Example Ingame

Calling Santa to the wrong spot on the map can be a little problematic.
Explosive Departure:


  • Some of the graphics and effects are a bit rough, this is my first exploration in this. Future may include animated biters.
  • Best used during the day as no lights are included on santa. This is as I can't make lights on santa affect only it and not the buildings behind it due to Factorios 2D view of height.
  • All mod settings are cached for santa when called in to avoid weird situations. So set everything up first.