Betterer Names

Gives things betterer names

3 years ago
0.15 - 1.1
6 years ago
Latest Version:
1.1.6 (3 years ago)
Factorio version:
0.15 - 1.1
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Gives things betterer names.

Original mod from GotLag. Update to 0.15 and additions by DedlySpyder

Log of Change


  • Support for 0.18
  • Now with "High Resolution" elves


  • Support for 0.17
  • Lol, I haven't updated since we had alien science packs? Yikes. Added a few things and fixed all the drinks.


  • Support for 0.16


  • Changed assembling machines to "Crafty Box" (because why were they factories?)
  • Changed modules to be elves
  • Added elf icons for modules (with an option to turn them off)
  • Apparently some super secret stuff I added ages ago and never made a release for ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Current Name Changes (more to come):

Entity Names

burner-inserter=Fire claw
long-handed-inserter=Long arm of the claw
fast-inserter=Speedy claw
filter-inserter=Needy claw
stack-inserter=Greedy claw
stack-filter-inserter=Needy greedy claw
lab=Science hub
stone-furnace=Stone oven
steel-furnace=Steel oven
electric-furnace=Electric oven
assembling-machine-1=Crafty Box 1
assembling-machine-2=Crafty Box 2
assembling-machine-3=Crafty Box 3
fast-transport-belt=Fast bus
express-transport-belt=Express bus
fast-underground-belt=Fast underneathies
express-underground-belt=Express underneathies

Entity Descriptions

splitter=Splits incoming buses' cargo 1:1
fast-splitter=Splits incoming buses' cargo 1:1
express-splitter=Splits incoming buses' cargo 1:1
lab=Nerd work area

Items Names

lab=Science hub
science-pack-1=Red science drink
science-pack-2=Green science drink
science-pack-3=Blue science drink
alien-science-pack=Purple science drank
speed-module=Speedy Elf
speed-module-2=Speedier Elf
speed-module-3=Speediest Elf
productivity-module=Plentiful Elf
productivity-module-2=Plentifuler Elf
productivity-module-3=Plentifulest Elf
effectivity-module=Skinny Elf
effectivity-module-2=Skinnier Elf
effectivity-module-3=Skinniest Elf

Item Descriptions

science-pack-1=Quenches nerd thirst.
science-pack-2=Crushes nerd thirst.
science-pack-3=Destroys nerd thirst.
alien-science-pack=Mutilates nerd thirst.
speed-module=This little elf will speed up your Crafty Boxes.
speed-module-2=This little elf will speed up your Crafty Boxes more.
speed-module-3=This little elf will speed up your Crafty Boxes morer.
productivity-module=This little elf will make more stuff in your Crafty Boxes.
productivity-module-2=This little elf will make even more stuff in your Crafty Boxes.
productivity-module-3=This little elf will make even morer stuff in your Crafty Boxes.
effectivity-module=This little elf will use less power in your Crafty Boxes.
effectivity-module-2=This little elf will use even less power in your Crafty Boxes.
effectivity-module-3=This little elf will use even lesser power in your Crafty Boxes.

Modifier Descriptions

stack-inserter-capacity-bonus=Greedy claw pickup bonus: +X
inserter-stack-size-bonus=Non-greedy claw pickup bonus: +X
laboratory-speed=Nerd drinking speed bonus: +X

Technology Names

stack-inserter=Greedy claw
research-speed=Nerd thirst

Technology Descriptions

stack-inserter=Greedy claws can move more items at the same time depending on their upgrade. Some of the related upgrades also increase the amount for non-greedy claws.
effect-transmission=Unlocks the bacon, which can transmit the effect of modules to nearby structures.
logistic-robotics=Logistic robots are a flexible alternative to conveyor buses. They transport items between special logistic chests.

Tutorial Names

trains-basics=Basic training exercises
trains-ghost-rail-planner=Ghost training exercises
trains-stations=Training exercises for schedules & train stops

Plus some other stuff.