This mod allows players to create and remotely control Avatars. Avatars act like players, with a few minor exceptions. The mod also includes a few custom entities to control and create the Avatars.

6 days ago
0.13 - 1.1

b invalid avatar when using jetpack mod

2 months ago
(updated 2 months ago)

Playing with Space Exploration, every time an avatar uses the jet-pack they become invalid when you disconnect.
Doesn't matter what surface you are on, or if you pressed j or just walked off the edge of the space platform
tested both with space exploration and without (just jet-pack). Looks like it replaces the character to achieve the effect. If you can fix this on your end, that would be awesome, but im going to post this on the jetpack discord bugs as well.

remote.call('Avatars','repair_avatars_listing') does work, you just have to do it every time you use the jetpack.

2 months ago

Umm, how do i change the title? it has nothing to do with what surface you are on. thought it did before testing. My bad.

The jetpack dev said:

I do call an interface on all mods that support a remote interface function called "on_character_swapped" and it is given all the information it should need
new_unit_number = newEntity.unit_number,
old_unit_number = oldEntity.unit_number,
new_character = newEntity,
old_character = oldEntity

if the avatars mod implements the interface they can have jetpacking avatars.

2 months ago

I'll have to look at it more specifically when I'm home, but that sounds like the problem. Though I want to say I've run into the problem before with another mod, just not sure how it was resolved

2 months ago

Ok, after reviewing this a little more the invalid avatars was my fix for it, because yes I can implement the interface so they can tell me when they invalidate a player.

2 months ago

Ok, the 0.5.12 version of this is now compatible with the jetpacks mod.

Thanks for the bug report.

2 months ago

Sweet! Thanks!

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