This mod allows players to create and remotely control Avatars. Avatars act like players, with a few minor exceptions. The mod also includes a few custom entities to control and create the Avatars.

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0.13 - 1.1

g Help With Russian Translation

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With the rewrite to 0.5.0 I have added a few dozen more localized strings. I don't know Russian though, so for the moment the localized version for Russian is just the English version. I can run it all through Google Translate, but I'm pretty sure that will just butcher it.

Can anyone with knowledge of Russian help with the below translations? I have added some notes below some of the values to help explain what they are for.

(ARDU stands for Avatar Remote Deployment Unit)

Avatars-fatal-gain-control=Congratulations! You've done something I didn't think of. Sadly, you can't control this avatar.

This is an error that should never be seen, but I'm adding it just in case

Avatars-error-avatar-not-found=Cannot find this avatar.
Avatars-error-ARDU-no-avatar-stock=No avatars to deploy.
Avatars-error-ARDU-has-driver=Deployment unit already has an occupant.
Avatars-error-rapid-body-swap=Please do not try to change control quickly. Try again in a second.
Avatars-error-rename-avatar-doesnt-exist=That avatar name is no longer valid.

Avatars-warning-stale-data=WARNING: Stale data, refresh to get the most recent avatar information

If an avatar dies while a player has the GUI open this will be displayed, prompting them to refresh the GUI.

Avatars-warning-cannot-rename-ARDU-here=Can't rename an ARDU from here, go to it and hop inside to rename.

Avatars-table-ardu-caption-suffix=1 (ARDU)

This will show up after the ARDU in the selection list, to mark it as not an avatar

Avatars_debug_mode=Debug Mode
Avatars_default_avatar_name=Avatar Name Prefix
Avatars_default_avatar_remote_deployment_unit_name=Avatar Remote Deployment Unit Name Prefix
Avatars_default_avatar_remote_deployment_unit_name_deployed_prefix=Avatar Deployed Prefix
Avatars_avatar_color_red=Avatar Color Red
Avatars_avatar_color_green=Avatar Color Green
Avatars_avatar_color_blue=Avatar Color Blue
Avatars_avatar_color_alpha=Avatar Color Alpha

Avatars_debug_mode=Enable logging to the console on mod events
Avatars_default_avatar_name=The beginning of the default avatar name (will be followed by the total number of spawned avatars)
Avatars_default_avatar_remote_deployment_unit_name=The beginning of the default Avatar Remote Deployment Unit name
Avatars_default_avatar_remote_deployment_unit_name_deployed_prefix=This string will be placed after the Avatar Remote Deployment Unit Name and before the avatar's iteration number
Avatars_avatar_color_red=The red color of an avatar (A number from 0 to 1)
Avatars_avatar_color_green=The green color of an avatar (A number from 0 to 1)
Avatars_avatar_color_blue=The blue color of an avatar (A number from 0 to 1)
Avatars_avatar_color_alpha=The alpha of an avatar (A number from 0 to 1)

Thanks to any help that can be given for this! I may just run everything through Google Translate if I don't get any assistance within a week or so.

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