You have landed on a mars-like planet with a carbon dioxide atmosphere. How will you survive?

2 years ago
2 years ago
Latest Version:
0.1.5 (2 years ago)
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You have landed on a planet which has no oxygen. How will you survive?

Vents are used to push and pull gases into the inside and outside air.
There is no water, coal, oil, or even oxygen.

This is an alpha release, it is very unpolished, but shows a proof of concept.

Further things this mod could do:

  • Add oxygen and hydrogen extraction from ores
  • Better graphics for everything, reskin factories as domes, vents should look as vents
  • Pair this mod with the Oxygen mod when atmosphere is non-breathable (or make you run slower in a worse atmosphere)
  • Create power-pack fuel source
  • New machines for new processes

This mod increases difficulty by:

  • requiring you to manage space more efficiently by building inside domes
  • making basic resources like water and oxygen (burners) scarce
  • assembly-machines run slower when there is dust in the air
  • requiring managing of gasses
  • an end goal of terraforming the planet

Version history:

0.1.5 Added locale (thanks konikovsky) and descriptions, refractored harvesting into separate mod Harvest, fixed some bugs
0.1.4 Oil recipe, integrated with arborium, planted trees now convert CO2 to oxygen, dust cleaning recipe
0.1.3 Dust now effects crafting speed, machines only placeable inside
0.1.2 Fixed simple recipies for making wood and coal, start now possible
0.1.1 Integrate with alien biomes mod, remove coal, oil and water (and maybe trees)
0.1.0 Proof of concept of atmosphere mechanic