Advanced Sky Modules

Credit goes to MaxelDel for making the original. I only tweaked numbers for FASTAH SPEEDSSSSS!!! Adds advanced and combined Versions of Modules and 9 new Beacons. Reduces the Price of all Modules, makes Efficency Modules cheaper than other Modules. Adds Pollution Reduction to Efficency Modules. Added Modules: Pure Speed and Pure Productivity ranging from MK1-MK6. Added Beacons: Efficency Beacon, Speed Beacon and Productivity Beacon ranging from MK1-MK3. After the Game has finished you can create God Modules

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The shift in late November 2021 was caused by a change in the way we count mod downloads. A download is counted when a user downloads a specific mod release for the first time. We take in-game and web downloads into account.