5Dim's mod - Automatization

by McGuten

Automatization for 5dim's mod

a month ago
0.13 - 1.0

b Oil refinery fire causing crash on startup

3 years ago
(updated 3 years ago)

after updating to 5dim's Mod - Automatization version 0.15.5 got following error on startup,

The given sprite position (left_top = 0x40) is completely outside the actual sprite image (size=464x35).
Sprite name: base/graphics/entity/oil-refinery/oil-refinery-fire.png
reverted Automatization back to 15.4 and game loads without error

3 years ago

Go to game mod manager, click update mods,
I think it's the new core file you need.
It did that to me and that's all I did.

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