5Dim's mod - Automatization

by McGuten

Automatization for 5dim's mod

2 months ago
0.13 - 1.0

g Inserters.

4 years ago

I love it.
(especialy, good balanced functions and costs.)

If these inserters gets typical wire and programable parameters for vannila inserters in 1.13, they will be complete ones.
(Now, they can't be wired or copied program.)

4 years ago

About wiring, there's no reason to not being able to connect all inserters to the circuit network, so I believe it's a bug.

4 years ago

it is - definition of 5dim's inserters are missing (at minimum) this line in entity section:
circuit_wire_max_distance = 7.5

numbers for longer inserters might need to be tuned up, but this is value for vanilla ones

3 years ago
(updated 3 years ago)

Could you please fix the inserters?