10x Harder

by withers

Makes the game 10x harder and more.

3 years ago
0.14 - 0.15
The Unlicense (Public Domain)
4 years ago
Latest Version:
1.1.4 (3 years ago)
Factorio version:
0.14 - 0.15
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This mod makes it take 10x more ingredients to expand the base. The ingredient scaling is customizable in the game settings. It works on the base game plus any mods installed mods by auto-detecting any placeable entities in the game, including from any mods installed, and applying the appropriate adjustment to the recipe. It's kind of like the marathon mod, but I left all the intermediate items alone (plates, gears, inserters, belts, etc). Instead I focused on the "place-able" building type products, like drills, assemblers and things. The goal was to make your life a living hell and also make the game take much longer and require massive sprawling factories that need a rail network, but not interfere with the balancing of intermediate products done by other mods. Recipes that use a lower tier of itself as an ingredient do not have that ingredient factored up. (i.e. Assembling Machine 3 does not cost 20 Assembling Machine 2's)

This mod also increases how long it takes to assemble the final products. (again, intermediates left alone) . The duration in seconds is the total quantity of all the ingredients divided by 10.


The ingredient factor is placed on top of the settings. If you set to "normal", you'll get normal ingredients x10. If you set to "expensive", you get expensive ingredients x10. Of course you can set the factor to whatever you want in the game settings so get pretty much total control of how expensive place-able items are.


Recipe Scaling Factor: Most placeable entities will have their recipe ingredients multiplied by this number. (except for lower tier versions used in the recipe). Default is 10. You can also set to less then 1 for easier recipes.

Misc Tweaks: If checked, a few additional recipes will be changed. Wooden, iron and steel chests will be reverted to less ingredients. Rail will be same as vanilla be cost more stone. I may add to this over time.

Nerf Fuel Values: If checked, all items that can be used as fuel will have their fuel value reduced by 50%.

Nerf Solar Panels: If checked, all solar panels will have their power output reduced by 75%.

Machinery Add-On: If checked, enables machinery add-on. All gears in recipes are replaced with machinery.


This is an optional (experimental) add-on which I am still testing and replaces most gears in entity recipes with machinery. Machinery is craft-able with a mixed bag of gears, plates, misc materials, and even fluids like lubricants and some of those angels fluids that I can't even pronounce. If you have bobs and angels installed, there are 6 tiers of machinery with multiple ways to craft. You can gain "early access" to each tier by using a simpler (lower tech) recipe, but at the cost of a lot more materials. If you don't have both angels and bobs installed, you'll only get the basic machinery (not all the extra tiers).

This optional add-on can be toggled on/off in the config file. (disabled by default)


1.1.4-----Fuel and power modifications now keep the correct units. (fixed nuclear power)
1.1.3-----Modified code to look for strings in subgroup names instead of exact match. Addresses conflicts with other mods that might change subgroup names.
1.1.2-----Various tweaks. Patched a bug that's in AAI Industry mod that was causing problems with some of the recipes.

1.1.1-----Added in-game settings. Made it compatible with AAI Industry

1.1.0-----Update to factorio v.15. Machinery add-on disabled by default.

1.0.7------Solar panels producing MW will no longer be converted to kW if you nerf solar panels.

1.0.6------Fixed a bug that was preventing the mod from loading unless both Angels and Bobs are installed.

1.0.5------Cleaned up code to be more flexible. Can now use decimals in the difficulty factor. Solar and fuel value config options now affect any mods as well. Added tweak config and adjusted a few recipes. Better machinery icons. Rearranged some of the unlocking tech for machinery.

1.0.4------Fixed issue with unlocking basic machinery.

1.0.3------Overhauled code again to make it compatible with everything. Added machinery add-on.

1.0.2------Added config to nerf solar power.

1.0.1 ----- Overhauled the code to make the changes via script and also not require any mods to be installed. Added support for angels bio-processing. Added configuration options.

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