Mods by YagaoDirac

[Scenario Only] Ore Beach

[SCENARIO ONLY][UNZIP the zip file][into "scenarios" folder] Ore grows. When it grew too much, it turns into water. Raise some ore area. No enemy.( Not sure if gonna add some in the future.) So, the question is, to swim or not to swim, this is the question.

3 days ago

[SCENARIO ONLY] Biter with Ore, the BitOre!

[Unzip the zip file and paste it into the scenarios folder please!!!][Scenario Only] [Not Balanced Very Carefully][Temporarily 10 hours of content only] Invisible underground sources move around your base, scatter sources and enemies everywhere. I mean everywhere, like spaghetti.

3 days ago

Tile Prototype Viewer

[Unzip the zip file because this is scenario]This is scenario. A debug tool to display all the tile prototypes automatically.

18 days ago
1.0 - 1.1

Dynamic Water deprecated

[New terrain behavior algorithm in progress.] Water flows. Specialized terrain generator for simple rivers, oceans. New offshore pump to interactive with the flowing water. Players have to manage all the water in the environment to avoid possible flood which destroys your base. I plan to come back on this mod in May or June 2021.

8 months ago

An example of oop in Factorio which works through save-load and multiplayer. deprecated

But this version doesn't help you enough. I'll update it in the future. Metatable feature is very powerful when people do oop in lua. But in Factorio-lua, metatable feature is not practical at all especially for the giant project. This tiny example shows a practical way to do oop-like enough programming in Factorio-lua.

a month ago