Wireless Charging

by mknejp

Induction stations and equipment allowing wireless charging of batteries in vehicles and armor.

4 years ago
4 years ago
Latest Version:
0.3.3 (4 years ago)
Factorio version:
6652 times

Charge your equipped batteries using the newest in near-field wireless energy transfer technology. Simply equip an induction coil in your armor or vehicle and be in close proximity to an induction ground station to have it transfer energy directly form your power grid into your batteries.

Induction stations come in both road and rail varieties and two power levels. Ground stations couple to coils in a 1:1 relationship. This means that even if you have multiple coils equipped a single ground station can only feed one of them, automatically selecting the most powerful one. In turn if your vehicle is in range of multiple stations but has only one coil equipped only one station can charge it. The size of locomotives and cargo wagons gives them the unique opportunity to cover up to three ground stations allowing for triple the charge rate of any other vehicle (unless a mod adds a really big car). Place inductive rails at train stations or signals to charge their batteries whenever they are waiting.

All ground stations can be connected to the circuit network to provide the charge level of the respective vehicle or character. This is useful to only allow trains to leave a station or signal via circuit conditions if they have sufficient stored electricity to reach their destination. In addition ground stations also have small visual charging indicators next to them so you can see at a glance how much of a vehicle's available battery capacity is filled without having to open its inventory or circuit connection.

This mod is intended to be used together with Electric Vehicles and is the major intended way of charging electric car and train batteries without access to sufficiently powerful on-board reactors. With the addition of equipment grids to vehicles in 0.14 expect to see more mods providing special power-hungry equipment for your vehicles. This mod provides the perfect opportunity to keep their batteries full without investing in fusion reactors for every vehicle or train you own.

If you are a mod developer and you wish to use the wireless charging feature in your mod without the baggage of the items and entities added here check out Wireless Charging Lib as it contains all the logic needed to implement the feature but no prototypes to clutter your mod.