Picker Extended Version

by Nexela
Enhances the players pipette tool with features such as quick blueprints, quick planners, ghost reviving, entity moving, orphan finding and more
4 months ago
0.14 - 0.17
Owner: Nexela
Source: Nexela/PickerExtended
Homepage: https://forums.factorio.com/viewtopic...
License: MIT
Created: 2 years ago
Latest Version: 4.0.10 (4 months ago)
Factorio version: 0.14 - 0.17
Downloaded: 100580 times

Picker Extended! Now with pipette extension

Extended version of the picker mod by Tinyboss

ALL Cheat/Tweaks have been moved to the Picker Tweaks mod.


Picker ghost revivier

Hover over a ghost and use the Factorio pipette tool to pick the entity that places it. Press the pipette tool button again to revive the ghost. Reviving a ghost keeps all of its settings and module requests. Picker extended will also try and fill module slots of revived ghosts if they have requests. Hover over any damanged entity and press CONTROL+Q with nothing in your hands to grab a repair tool from your inventory. Hover over any item request proxy and press Q to search your inventory for the requested modules/items and insert them.
Recomend using this with the same keybinds as clean cursor and pipette tool. Picker extend can also pick up selected items on the ground and put it in your hands.

Picker Dollies

Hover over entities and use the Picker dolly keybinds to move entities around. Entities will keep their wire connections and settings. This allows you to build your set up spaced out and when you are finished push it all together for a nice tight build. Some entities can't be shoved around. Also respects max wire distance. Note Moving some modded entities that rely on position can cause issues. There is an API available that mod authors can use to be notified of these events.

Picker Entity Blueprinter

Hover over an entity and take a quick blueprint of everything in its selection area with CONTROL+Q. Blueprints are created automatically if you don't have an existing Pipette Blueprint in your inventory. Modules and recipes are stored in the blueprint. Now you can quickly blueprint your moduled beacon for fast placing! Blue print mirroing is Availble by holding a blueprint and pressing ALT+R, Blueprint upgrading is available using the toolbar that shows up whenever you are holding a blueprint. Quickly Edit the current blueprint or deconstruction planner in your hand with CONTROL+SHIFT+~, Pick any item in the game to make a blueprint of using the blueprint toolbar.

CONTROL+Q with nothing selected will cycle through the available planners (blueprint, deconstruction, upgrade, etc). If you don't have the planner in your inventory and the required research has been met the planner will be automatically created.

Picking entities in the Helmod side panel will create a quick blueprint of the entity, recipe and modules listed.

Picker additional Planners

Screenshot Planner for taking screenshots of an area, Ore eraser planner count and erase ores (If you are an admin). Upgrade planner converted to a picker planer and has the recipe hidden. Open the planner menu with SHIFT-B to quickly grab any available planner, or cycle through all planners with

Picker Crafter

Alt+Q on an entity and picker will try to craft that entity if you have the items in your inventory. Can be bound to Q for even quicker crafting access.

Picker Zapper

Have an inventory full of pesky blueprints? Try dropping them on the ground by using the drop item keybind (default Z) and they will be zapped away into the nether. There is also a per player option to keep your main inventory free of blueprints and deconstruction planners. There is also a per player toggle to zap everythingin the inventory that is dropped with Z

Picker Item Count

Holding an item in your hand will show the total count of all of that item in your inventory, including car trunks. Runtime option to disable.

Picker Pipe Cleaner

Call a plumber on any fluidbox by selecting the pipe and pressing CONTROL+DELETE. This will loop through all connected pipes and remove the selected fluid allowing your pipes to freely flow again.

Picker Chest Contents Mover

Quickly Move the contents of once chest to another. This is a quick and dirty move. CONTROL+V on the source chest and CONTROL+V on the destination chest. Items with grids or inventories will lose their grids or inventories when transferred. Use this for bulk material only.

Picker Auto Hide Minimap

Automatically hides the minimap when you are hovering over a logistic container. This option can be disabled in the mod settings screen.

Picker Chest Limiter

Automatically set the bar limits on newly placed chests. (Chest limiter mod)

Picker Inventory Sort

Manually sort opened containers with SHIFT+E, Automatically sorts container inventories when opened if the option is enabled. Can lag big warehouses, runtime option to disable.

Picker Automatic Orphan Finder

Highlights nearby underground belts and pipes that are not connected to anything underground when hoving over belts or pipes. Can be disabled per player in mod options.

Picker Wire Tools

Cycle between Red, Green, and Copper wires in your inventory with SHIFT+Q for quickly working with combinators. CONTROL+DELETE to remove all wires from the entity.

Picker Belt Brush

With a transport or underground belt in your hand hit pad increase or decrease buttons to change the width of your belts you can place at once. Once you have reached the desired width you can press CONTROL+SHIFT+R to create a corner blueprint of that width, Pressing CONTROL+SHIFT+R again will get a mirrored copy of the corner. Pressing CONTROL+SHIFT+B will cycle through all the available balancers. Feel free to submit your own balancer design if you don't like the included ones.

Additional tools include inputs and outputs for ungerground belt and pipe brushes CTRL+SHIFT+R to cycle from max distance to 0, and cascading underground belts CTRL+SHIFT+B with a belt brush of undergrounds to cycle from max distance to 0

Picker Filter Fill

Quickly and easily set filters and adjust requests using the handy dandy filter fill toolbar, Automatically shows up whenever you open a requester chest or filterable inventory. Requester chests can be made to quickly request all items in a blueprint by putting it in the first chest slot and clicking the button, or clicking the button with a blueprint in your hand. Copying from an assembler to a requester chest will add the new requests to the old ones instead of clearing them. Usefull for using one requester for multiple machines.

Picker Belt Upgrader (soon)

Quickly upgrade a section of belt by pressing the hotkey while hovering over the old belt while holding the belt type you want to upgrade to.

Picker Quick UG Belt

Removes belts between newly placed underground belts if they are going the same direction. Makes belts fast replaceable. Config options to enable/disable both features. Visual flying text displaying both the amount of items removed off the belt and the amount of items inserted into you.

Picker Vehicles

Hotkey to create an alert with the location of the last car you were in CTRL+SHIFT+J, Toggle trains between manual and automatic with J, Smart train toggling. Trains you enter that have 1 or fewer stations will be put into manual mode.

NEW Picker Sticky Notes

Sticky notes are now a part of Picker Extended, Leave notes everywhere! Originally developed by BinbinHfr, taken over by NiftyManiac. https://forums.factorio.com/viewtopic.php?f=92&t=30980&p=195631

Picker Small Fixes

  • Picker Reacher, Comes default with modestly increased reach distances. Along with startup mod options to easily change them to suit your needs.
  • Construction and Logistic robots can't be plucked from the air. Comes with startup option to enable/disable this feature. Also fixes bots going to quickbar by default.
  • Change the default requester paste multiplier from 10 to whatever you want. Can be changed with startup options
  • Corpse timer, Adjusts the length of time that corpses stay on the map.
  • Inventory size, Set the starting size of the players inventory
  • Cheaty Lights added in for youtube/twitch videos. Turned off by default.
  • Alt-entity-info is enabled by default when joining a game. there is a per player setting to disable.
  • Intergrate https://mods.factorio.com/mods/KingIonTrueLove and https://mods.factorio.com/mods/ion_cannon_1
  • Add option to make some guis have smaller borders (Ion's UI Tweaks: Smaller Borders)
  • Add option to make no power icon smaller (Ion's UI Tweaks, Less Unplugged)
  • Add options to change inserter arrow colors (Iondicators)