Fast Filter Fill

by zowie

Quickly duplicate filter settings in Cargo Wagons and other filterable containers

4 years ago
0.14 - 0.16
5 years ago
Latest Version:
0.6.7 (4 years ago)
Factorio version:
0.14 - 0.16
4889 times

Fast Filter Fill

Picker Extended also has the fast filter fill functionality, and much more, I'd recommend checking that out instead.

A Factorio mod for managing container filters and logistic requests

Quickly Set Container Filters

When you have a filterable container open (e.g. Cargo Wagon), buttons will appear in the UI to help you manage the filter settings of the inventory of that container. These buttons basically work like their equivalents in Excel.

Fill All

Fill All will set the filter of each inventory slot to be the contents of the first slot of the container, or the contents of the cursor stack if the player is holding something. If there are conflicting items in the container, those cells will be skipped and a message will be displayed.

Fill Right

Fill Right copies the filter settings for each cell to the cell to the right. This is useful for setting up rows of inventory:

Fill Down

Fill Down is the same as Fill Right, but copies down. Both Fill Right and Fill Down fill starting at each item, so it's easy to make a split container by placing "anchor items" at the upper-left corners of the regions you want to define:

Clear All

Clear All removes all filters from a container. No demo image because this is easy to understand.

Set All

Set All sets the filter of each cell to its current contents.

Manage Logistics Requests

Note: due to a bug in Factorio, you won't see the updated logistic request values until you re-open the chest.

x2, x5, and x10

These buttons multiply the quantity of each logistic request by 2, 5, or 10.


This button changes the logistic request values to the amount that would fill the chest while preserving the ratios of each item. For example, if you had logistic requests for 5 empty barrels and 5 full barrels (both of which have a stack size of 10) in a container of size 48, Fill would update the logistic request to 240 empty barrels and 240 full barrels.


This button sets the logistic request values to the items required by a blueprint. The blueprint can either be held in the cursor, or in the first cell of the container.



  • Fix error when a LuaEquipmentGrid is opened [#6]


  • Optimise logic for opening/closing GUI
  • Fix checking request slot space for blueprint fill [#3]
  • Fix Unknown item name: curved-rail [#4]
  • Fix 'get_output_inventory' (a nil value) [#5]


  • Update info.json for 0.16


  • Updated for Factorio 0.15
  • Fix using existing filters for fill


  • Fix 'Fill Down' nil reference


  • Updated for Factorio 0.14


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