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by cybrox

Simple, clean resorter mod for a clean crafting UI. This mod aims to support absolutely all Factorio mods, in order to provide any player with a perfectly clean crafting UI. It will also resort large mods like 5dim's, andrew's, angel's and bob's mods.

4 years ago

g woah woah woah

4 years ago
(updated 4 years ago)

I was about to walk in here and mention that ZGroupChange quickly changed any "core" requirements and is perfectly modular now, and that there was no way this mod could be better, but then I saw it:

Support for my Mini Machines mod. I didn't think anybody even knew about it. You are the real mvp, and you have my full support, 11/10! (^u^)b

(Although cough my Reverse Factory only adds one visible item cough and yet it's listed under "unsortable" cough)

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