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by cybrox

Simple, clean resorter mod for a clean crafting UI. This mod aims to support absolutely all Factorio mods, in order to provide any player with a perfectly clean crafting UI. It will also resort large mods like 5dim's, andrew's, angel's and bob's mods.

4 years ago

i Another suggestions

4 years ago

I suggest starting your own topic on forum, we all can get notifications from there...
Another suggestion are Angels mods - infinite ores, refining and so...

4 years ago

There actually is a topic in the factorio forums, however, it's in the Alpha/Pre-Alpha section, since I started that before I finished v1.0.0
Where would you suggest an actual update topic? Since I do agree it's a bit annoying that I can't get notifications from the mod portal.

Angels mods are definitely on my list to add next. I will look in to it asap, could still take a few days until I find time though.

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