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by cybrox

Simple, clean resorter mod for a clean crafting UI. This mod aims to support absolutely all Factorio mods, in order to provide any player with a perfectly clean crafting UI. It will also resort large mods like 5dim's, andrew's, angel's and bob's mods.

4 years ago

i Natural Evolution and Bio Industries

4 years ago

Could you please add support for Natural Evolution and Bio Industries?
Thanks ;)

4 years ago

Sure. I added all the Natural Evolution and Bio Industries items in 1.0.1
I will upload the update within the next hour.

Just let me know, if there's any other mods you want added or if you think the sorting in a mod is wrong.

4 years ago

Thank you for your quick response and update. Its really nice that you are responding.
So there are few more suggestion (IMHO):
1)Big brother mod - it has only one (useless) item, but many great researches
2)Some ammo is in defense folder (3 types of Bio cannon ammo + Bobs warfare ammo magazine), some in weapons and armor. Could it all be in weapons?
3)Some items should be in different folders:
Chemical furnace - Production
Cockery - Production
Advanced copper procesing (+ lead version) - maybe in Plates?
Tank cannon shells - Weapons (with other ammo)
Bullet + Bullet projectile - Intermidiate
Terraforming station - Others or defense, idc, but absolutely from Decoration

Thanks for your work!

4 years ago

Thanks for your feedback!
1) Big Brother was actually added, I screwed up the spelling though, which caused it to not be resorted. AesSedai fixed this
2) I agree that this is currently not ideal, I initially wanted to sort by [building ammo] and [weapon ammo] but since the two categories often overlap, I think I will follow your suggestion.
- The chemical furnace was reported in another thread as well, I will definitely fix that
- Cockery will definitely be moved as well
- Good idea, the plates tab is generally a bit empty currently
- Agree on putting all ammo on the same place
- Will move bullets
- Terraforming station will be moved as well, the name kind actually confused me, but I started the mod again and I obviously remembered its usage wrong.

All in all, there's a lot of things that will change category over the next few updates, since I wanted to have all the bigger mods added before I can start balancing the categories. I will definitely try to improve the sorting over the next few versions. :)

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