Xander Mod Version 1

An extensive overhaul, emphasizing detailed and realistic chemistry, materials, and production. Extends the base game to marathon-style scope and difficulty.
11 days ago
0.16 - 0.17

b Find bug

- 5 months ago

Seems to be a conflict between 'FiniteWater' and 'bobores'. This has nothing to do with this mod.

- 5 months ago

no no! activate yours mod - bug in open.

Deactivate - normal work.

- 5 months ago
- 5 months ago
- 5 months ago
- 5 months ago

Please compartible in angel refining
and bob inserters , ans basemod

find 40 bug((

- 5 months ago
- 5 months ago

:( please compatible bro!

- 5 months ago
- a month ago

Xander Mod version 1 is not compatible with bobs mods.
But if you want to solve this particular issue I'd sugest doing the following (in some data-final-fixes)(note that this depends on my math7-lib mod):

local function dedup_ingredients (ingr)
    if ingr == nil then return end
    local deduped_ingredients_map = {}
    for k,v in pairs(ingredients) do
        local ing_name = v.name or v[1]
        local ing_amount = v.amount or v[2] or 1
        local ing_type = v.type or "item"
        local ingredient = {name = ing_name, amount = ing_amount, type = ing_type}
        if deduped_ingredients_map[ing_name]
            ingredient.amount = ingredient.amount + deduped_ingredients_map[ing_name].amount
        deduped_ingredients_map[ing_name] = ingredient
    deduped_ingredients = {}
    for k,v in pairs(deduped_ingredients_map) do
        deduped_ingredients[#deduped_ingredients + 1] = v
    return deduped_ingredients

local function dedup_recipe_ingredients (recipe_name)
    local e,ingr,ingr_exp = math7.lib.recipe.get_ingredients(recipe_name)
    math7.lib.recipe.set_ingredients(recipe_name, dedup_ingredients(ingr), dedup_ingredients(ingr_exp))


(note that I havent tested this code)