Just go!

Instantly pops you into a vehicle when you place it, and picks it up again when you exit.

3 years ago

i Cars, yes, tanks yes, boats yes, but not trains, please?

3 years ago

Yo. I'd kind of like to be able to use Just Go, and have it do what I mean, which is:
I want to get into any vehicle I place, except trains - locomotive, wagon, whatever, just no, rather than just go. :)

I do use trains for personal transport, sometimes, but that is managed by the train network for players mod. I bring them to me on the rails, not by keeping them in inventory.

Cars, on the other hand, and especially the "Cargo Ships" mod boat-which-is-a-car-on-water, I would love to jump into and go - and collect when done, because how many times have I forgotten to do that, and had an annoyingly long walk back.

I'd be fine with it being a checkbox for "trains yes/no" and nothing more.

3 years ago

This should be fixed in 0.17.2

3 years ago

Thanks so much! <3

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