Adds a clock

3 years ago
0.13 - 1.1

g [Not a bug]Clock keeps jumping between two things

2 years ago

So the clock keeps flashing two different times
One is 12 hour, and the other is idk what, I assume the total world time and then something else, I thought maybe it was a 24 hour version, but the time doesn't match the 12 hour

2 years ago

hmmm, that doesn't look like bobclock's GUI...
It kinda looks like you have another mod installed that is adding a clock, and it has a GUI element with the same name as my mod's clock button.
The behaviour looks like both that mod, and my mod are updating the text of the same GUI element with their own version of time.

2 years ago

Yes, I searched the 240+ mods I have installed and found it.

It appears I installed iClock on accident, sorry for the notification on this, and thanks for the response!

2 years ago

the name of the element my mod looks for is just ClockGUI, so it's not exactly a unique name.
either way, use whichever mod you prefer. Just apparently not Both.

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