Adds a clock

3 years ago
0.13 - 1.1

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5 years ago

Screenshot? What time does it measure, real or ingame? Is it analog or digital or just text some way?

5 years ago

For anyone else wondering:

This used to be a very simple mod that just added a little non-functional button to the top showing the in-game day time, telling you when darkness was about to hit. (Mods don't even have access to the real world wall time, as that would easily lead to desync in multiplayer).

Now, you can actually click the button to get a small foldout telling you things like time played on map and the evolution factor, kind of similar to EvoGUI, but not configurable/extendable.

5 years ago

I kept it pretty basic.

newest version also lets you change what the button tells you between Game world's time of day, Real time played in world, and Evolution factor.

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