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4 years ago

g Leaching Plant Recipe

5 years ago
(updated 5 years ago)

I'm not sure if this is a bug or not.

I noticed that the Leaching Plant Recipes for chunks are looking for the base game sulfuric-acid, however all my other recipes are looking for liquid-sulfuric-acid. I made to make the following change to bobsangelthon-refining-recipe.lua.

line: 39
data.raw.recipe["angelsore"..i.."-crystal"].ingredients = {{type="item", name="angels-ore"..i.."-chunk", amount=8}, {type="fluid", name="liquid-sulfuric-acid", amount=0.5}}

Flush recipe:
/c game.player.force.reset_recipes()

5 years ago

I believe this nerfs the new angelspetrochem0.1.15, it looks like they have added specific acids for each type of chunk.

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