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4 years ago

b Crushing by Hand

5 years ago

Is saphirite "Crushing by hand" meant to be better then the Ore crusher's recipe? Because you can just use regular Manufacturing plants to grind all the saphirite. I notice that sitirite is not better then the ore crushing recipe so I wonder if this is an inconsistency?

5 years ago

That part was taken from another mod that forms the base for this one and where I have not modified anything.

I will look into it.

But seriously, do you want to only crush things by hand for every single recipe and do so constantly for hundreds of ores? ;)

5 years ago

Issue should be fixed now. :)

5 years ago
(updated 5 years ago)

Oh cool, I manually fixed it myself in the meanwhile. Thanks! (Also the hand crafting works in manufacturing plants, thus can be automated and exploited)

5 years ago

Not anymore, I guess. :p

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