Bob's Functions Library mod

Adds a series of useful functions used by Bob's Mods. These can easilly be used by other mods too.

4 months ago
0.13 - 1.1

g [Info]mod help please

2 years ago

Hi Bob, recently started to use mods to help ease some of the annoying stuff, but dont really want to go full expansion yet. However, one thing really bugs me is sulfer so was looking for a mod to allow mining it. Bobs ores popped up so went for it. added the functions library and MCI. Then it all went pear shaped ;-)
i never did find sulfur on the map (yes, selected it in settings) then i i discovered my uranium cells now needed lead, which i then selected to be mineable, but no sign of it on the map either. Other recipes were different too so in the end I removed all 3 mods and sat back and stared at it. I have no doubt i am doing something wrong, or not doing something right, but would appreciate a kind word of advice, Cheers

2 years ago

There actually used to be a mod that just added sulfur ore to the game, but I am unsure if it was updated to 1.1.

From what I understand you're after, you want to install this Library and the Ores mod ONLY, don't install MCI.
Then from the mod options page, tick the Sulfur ore only. This will cause it to show up on the new game menu's list of resources for you to set it's values, however, do not worry if you want to load an existing game, as it will spawn with default values when you explore.

Sulfur does not spawn in the "Starting area", so even if you do start a new game, you'll have to go explore to be able to find it.

2 years ago

Thanks for answering. I will try again. I certainly wont be starting a new game yet. Still lots to learn to get this one right. Getting there slowly ;-)
I did try 2 other mods that were supposed to provide just sulfur but didnt seem to work either, and I went walkabout (well.. tank about) all over the place.
Thanks again, dont know how you guys do all these mods but it is greatly appreciated. Cheers

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