by Zillo7
Adds Tiberium - Harvest it to convert it to other ores.
2 years ago

i Slow Down Spread

- 2 years ago

Great mod! Only thing I can say for now is maybe slow down the spread or put a limit on it. Seems a bit fast.

- 2 years ago

How many different plots does it spawn? If it spawns them far away even slow spreading will absolutely destroy your world. The idea doesn't seem very well thought out.

- 2 years ago

That's what makes it challenging. The tiberium will eventually spread over the whole map which will cause problems with expanding the factory. Though you can build walls to contain it for a while.

- 2 years ago

Sonic Resonators. Put GDI sonic resonator technology into the game or it will become unplayable after a while.

- 2 years ago
(updated 2 years ago)

That's what makes it "challenging". Walls will contain it for "a while". Does this destroy biter nests too?

This mod does one of three things mostly depending on distance between patches and spread speed:
1) You get no biter attacks after a certain point to instead of walls and turrets defending against biters you have miners holding back an unstoppable substance that you might be able to push back and expand.
2) It does not destroy biter bases so you must hold back biters and the ore spread hopefully pushing both back but not likely either.
3) Spread is so fast that either scenario doesn't matter cause you will lose.

I stand by my first claim of this being a world destroying problem and something maybe best left alone until you have a good solution for players to help defend themselves. Tomik gave you a starting idea. Challenging isn't what I would call it, more like unfair. You give players an unfair enemy with no tools with which to fight them. That's like setting biter Evo to 1 on day 10. Sure you could have turrets researched by then, but that won't do you much good.

It's a good start so please don't get discouraged.

- 2 years ago

I made an update for the mod, so Tiberium is its own ore type now. You can set its rarity in the setup menu and it gets harvested a lot faster, so it shouldn't be as much of a threat. I've also halved the growth rate. I was playing a game where I also used AAI:Miner, and it's almost like C&C!
The reason I had the faster growth rate is because once it grows enough you can convert your factory to run entirely off of Tiberium, since it can be converted to every type of ore and crude oil. After setting up the Tiberium processing stuff, you might end up not having enough of it!
I'm not sure how to have it not damage biters, so it damages them. I'll disable that once I learn how its done.